Marguisa Line, which is headquartered in Madrid has specialized in line transportation in the Western Mediterranean and West Africa (especially Equatorial Guinea) since its founding in 1997. Marguisa Line runs a service between the ports of Valencia, Algeciras in Spain and  Bata and Malabo in Equatorial Guinea. The service frequency  is once every 15 days with 2 vessels named Hansa Cloppenburg and Hansa Marburg, each with a capacity of 1,740 TEU. Marguisa Line, on the other hand, will take cargo from Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon. Marguisa also serves  Valencia (Spain), Livorno (Italy), Marseilles (France), Lome (Togo), Cotonou (Benin), Malabo, Bata (Equatorial Guinea) and Douala (Cameroon) with two Ro-Ro vessels. The company transports dry cargo between Sagunto (Spain), Livorno (Italy), Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.

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